We try to keep a balanced life, everything in moderation, afraid of losing control over our healthily organized schedule. And we sweep all the ill, hurtful emotions under the carpet, neglectfully hoping that the wounds would magically heal themselves. The reasons for despair and anger have long been forgotten and the emotional distress turned into ungovernable anxiety and fear. The unresolved melancholy and obsessive thoughts unexpectedly manifest in our dreams in twisted forms.

Inspired by personal experience, <HYSTERIA> is an on-going project of the artist’s effort to cope with unhealthy human emotions through image-making.

<HYSTERIA_02_Obsession> is the second image of the on-going series.

Dani Choi perceived the emotion of 'unrequited love' as one of the various obsessions that people struggle with. When you are in love, you want the other to see you in the same way, hoping to peer into the most intimate thoughts of the other. While it would be convenient to have a manual to peer into the heart of a loved one, it is simply impossible to open up and take a sneak peek into the hearts of a person as complex as a puzzle. That’s why the person in love gradually falls into obsession with the loved one, and the stagnant love that is not returned takes a toll and transforms into an extremely unpleasant and bitter feeling.

〈HYSTERIA_02_Obsession〉 expresses one’s longing to peer into the heart of the loved one, but ending up turning into a manic compulsion, unable to approach the loved one.

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