Hope Against Hate

In 2021, the Asian American Federation (AAF) launched the Hope Against Hate initiative in order to raise $30 million. The proceeds funded key programs to help the AAPI community in NYC. In November of 2021, in partnership with Droga5, AAF kick started a campaign to rally the AAPI community and its allies to come together and combat hate crimes. By championing stories of hope and belonging, AAF encouraged funding for programs that positively and proactively protect and support the AAPI community in New York.

AAF captured stories of AAPI individuals from NYC and beyond to share their complex, beautiful stories reegarding their identities, heritage and sense of belonging in the places they call home. And to celebrate these individuals, they created limited-edition posters that bring their stories to life and provide hope to those who feel othered. Each poster has been illustrated by Asian + Asian American artists and are exclusively available from the AAF in exchange for a donation to Hope Against Hate.

As one of the ten Asian + Asian American illustrators chosen to participate in this meaningful, wholesome campaign, I collaborated with the creative team at Droga 5 to create a poster that tells a story of an Asian American individual named Sha Eisen.

You can donate to Hope Against Hate to get a poster of your choice as a limited-edition print or download HERE. All proceeds combat AAPI hate with critical programs that help keep Asian Americans safe in New York City and beyond.

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